Does your landscape have plenty of hedges that need to be trimmed? Whether you have recently planted hedges or you’ve had them for years, it’s always important to prune and trim them to keep them healthy and to prepare them to grow back stronger. In fact, having strong hedges is something you may want because they can provide you with great benefits, including:

  • Added privacyhedge trimming St. Augustine
  • Protection from noise, dust and wind.
  • Prevention of snow, storm and wind damage.
  • Defined boundaries of your property.
  • A better landscape full of lush foliage, beautiful smells and an appealing background.

Let Your Yard Flourish

If you love the hedges that have been planted in your landscape, it’s crucial you care for them like any other tree, bush or flower on your property. Why? Because a hedge that flourishes and provides many wonderful benefits is one that is properly trimmed, and well-kept.

We Can Do The Hard Work

The professionals at Fire Fighters Lawn Care located in the heart of St. Augustine understand that not every home or property owner has time for lawn care or hedge trimming for that matter. Because of this, we’ve dedicated the time to learn how to trim hedges professionally. Whether you’d like beautifully crafted hedges, or a simple straight and clean hedge, the experienced hedge trimmers at Fire Fighters Lawn Care can give you the pruning they need.

Schedule Hedge Trimming

If you’d like to inquire about our hedge trimming services, please feel free to reach out to us! We’re only a phone call away and we can likely schedule a service for the day of, or next day. Contact us at 904-516-8609 or fill out a contact form; we’re happy to give you an estimate for your services.