How much attention do you give your lawn? Do you only give it the love it needs once a week when mowing is necessary, or do you provide your lush grass with health advancements twice a year? Whether you only mow your lawn and don’t do much else to care for it’s health, or you’re a homeowner who provides your lawn with health advancements, such as fertilization, twice a year, it’s important to understand that lawn aeration is another advancement you should be implementing.

lawn aeration st. augustineWhy should you aerate your lawn?

You have probably heard of aerating. If you haven’t, it’s is used to achieve a lush, green lawn and ultimately maintain it for the rest of the year. With basic practices, including bi-yearly aeration and regular watering, fertilizing and mowing, your yard can be the enchanted landscape you’ve always wanted. Aeration provides grass the access to the nutrients you’re providing it, which is just one reason why hiring our team in St. Augustine for aeration services is extremely beneficial to your landscape.

When should you aerate your lawn?

Giving the roots of your lawn the air and nutrients it needs to thrive will help it grow deeper into the soil, producing a more vigorous and stronger lawn. We highly suggest that you aerate your lawn if you’ve notice your lawn has excessive thatch problems, a spongy feel or is too dry. If you’ve had fresh sod installed, aerating can again, be very healthy for the future of the grass.

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