Leaves can ruin the beauty of your yard. With plenty of rain and a pile of leaves, you can say goodbye to luscious green grass and hello to moldy grass that needs some extra TLC to get it healthy again. Plus, removing leaves from your lawn will make it look organized, tidy and well-kept. If you want to accomplish this but you have plenty of trees that shed their leaves to the point where you can’t keep up, it’s time to call upon the professionals.

leaf removal st. augustineWhy are leaves detrimental to your lawn? 

The main reason we are motivating you to give our leaf detailers a call is because leaves can ultimately ruin the health of your lawn. In St. Augustine, we experience plenty of rainfall. If your lawn is covered with leaves, you are likely to deal with mold which will ruin your lawn. However, we understand that getting outside to rake can be hard work, which is why we’re here to help!

Give our leaf detailers a call today!

We have the leaf detailing services you need. Whether you’d like to have your leaves mulched or simply raked and removed from your yard, we’re the perfect group of landscape maintenance professionals to help you. With our friendly and world-class customer service, you can rest assured the service you receive will be unbeatable and affordable. Call up the greatest in the business today and request a free quote!